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General Information for Parents of MMOB Members
Tracking Hours:
• The leader of the event is responsible for having volunteers sign in on the timesheet.
• The timesheet is then turned into the MMOB box in the front office where the parent sponsor responsible for recording hours will pick it up.
• The parent sponsor enters the hours into a database within a couple of weeks, which can then be viewed on the MMOB website.
• Every year in April, MMOB sends a report to the MHS registrar with the names of all the seniors who have worked 30 hours or more. The report lists the number of years the student worked 30 or more hours.
• The registrar then puts a stamp on the final senior transcript stating how many years the student volunteered 30 or more hours.
• It is highly recommended that each student/parent keep their own record of the events worked, number of hours worked and the dates worked.

Membership Registration:
Applications are launched online during August of each school year. Registration is open to all students during the first month of the school year. MMOB is an annual membership. Students must join every year to be a member each year. After registration, you will be emailed an invitation code to create a login id and password on the MMOB website, Your logon id will be the same as your Skyward logon id but you will be able to personalize a password.
Event Signups:
• Go to
• Sign into your account. If you have not registered for MMOB, you will not be able to do this.
• Go to the Event Calendar page and choose the event you would like to sign up for.
• Click the “Register” button at the bottom of the page. You will receive an email confirmation shortly after registering.
• Once you sign up for an event you must attend. If you do not show up for an event then hours will be deducted from your earned MMOB hours.
• If an emergency occurs and you cannot attend you MUST send an email to the MMOB leader notifying them 24 hours before the event.
Parent Chaperone Opportunities:
Parent volunteers are needed whenever we need to take a bus to an event and there is a large group of MMOB volunteers.  This includes beach clean-up days, tree plantings, community garden events, the annual fishing day event, etc. When parent chaperones are needed, it is posted on the MMOB website and emails are sent to all of the parents of the students that have signed up to work the event.  The parent attends that an event with their student as a chaperone must sign in on the MMOB time sheet for the student to receive an extra 1/2 hour credit for every hour that the student volunteers.
Leadership Applications and Interviews:
Leadership interviews will take place in the spring, usually in April. Previously, signups for interviews were posted in the library. However, this year we may try to do interview signups online. Applicants are interviewed by the three parent sponsors over a period of 3 days after school.  Applicants must have completed 15 hours this school year to apply.  Students who will be juniors and seniors will get preference for the Officer and Chair positions and those students must have already held a MMOB leadership position to apply. Those that have not previously been leaders (generally current freshmen) will fill the Leader Pool positions. Incoming freshmen are not allowed to apply for leadership positions.

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