“I Didn’t Get My Email!”

You probably did receive your registration email.

Stay calm and read ahead.

You must have done the following to receive your registration email:

    1. Fill out MMOB registration forms.
    2. Check your email!

“I checked my email and it’s not there!”

When you signed up for MMOB, we asked you for a student email address. The email was sent to the email address you gave us, if that is not the email address you most frequently check, please let us know! Send an email to laraep00@gmail.com with your name, grade, and new email address you would prefer us to use to contact you. Check your spam folder as well. Look for an email from MMOB with subject “MMOB Registration Confirmation”

If you are not sure which email you submitted, or want to check if you have registered, please click on the link, go to the bottom, select your graduating class sheet and search for your name (they are in alphabetical order by last name) and if you see your name on the list you have successfully registered! If you see your name but have not received the email, or you see your email is incorrectly listed, please contact me at laraep00@gmail.com and let me know. If your name is not on the list, but you signed up within 12 hours, don’t panic! Registration confirmation must be done manually, and we are busy people too! You should receive your confirmation email soon, if your email is correct. If you have registered, and it’s been more than 12 hours, contact me at the email listed above.