This FAQ is designed to answer commonly asked questions. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Adriana at adrianammob@gmail.com

Q: “How do I get an invitation code?” “How do I sign in?” “How do I register?”

A: As soon as you complete the 2015-2016 registration form you will receive an email within a couple of hours with an invitation code and instructions on how to create an account on our website if you don’t already have one.


Q: “How do I cancel an event?”

A:  Go to “Manage My Events” under the Member Center tab and press cancel.


Q: Can I have outside community service hours count for MMOB hours?

A:  MMOB will not transfer in any hours outside of MMOB activities. We cannot accept any hours from non-MMOB events, summer or not.


Q: What are the volunteer hour requirements for receiving credit on my high school transcript?

 A:  To receive a MMOB official transcript stamp, you will need at least 30 hours. In more detail, each year you reach 30 hours you receive a MMOB transcript stamp. So if you get 30 hours freshman year, stamp. 30 hours total freshman and sophomore year, stamp. etc.


Q: “When can I get my MMOB hours transferred to NHS? “

A: MMOB hours are transferred to NHS one time in the Spring and those hours will then be deducted from their MMOB hours. You don’t need to write NHS when you volunteer.  You will need to make a one-time request in writing in the Spring asking to have hours transferred. Contact Mrs. Winburne at winburne@sbcglobal.net with any other questions about transferring MMOB hours to NHS. 


Q: “Who can join MMOB?”

A: Any MHS student can join MMOB! MMOB’s member base includes athletes and Markettes, members of Band, Orchestra, National Honor Society, and even students whose only extracurricular is MMOB. The common goal is to make a difference in our community. Everyone is welcome and needed!


Q: “How can I join MMOB?”

A: It’s easy! The online application link is on the front page. By joining, you will get a MMOB T-shirt and countless opportunities to improve the community! Once you have registered, you should get a confirmation email with instructions on how to proceed!


Q: Do I need to renew membership each year?

A: Yes, MMOB members must re-apply every year.


Q: “What is the $15.00 used for?”

A: The $15.00 covers not only the t-shirt, but also the buses, supplies, food, etc. that are needed for many of our activities. None of parent sponsors are paid for their work. This year we are not charging the $15.00 application fee, but this could change in future years!


Q: “How do I find out about activities?”

A: Upcoming activities will occasionally be advertised on morning announcements, flyers around the school and calendars in the grade level offices. All events and details will be posted on the Event Calendar here.


Q: “How do I sign up for activities?”

A: Signing up for activities is a three step process. First, sign into your account. If you have not registered for MMOB, you will not be able to do this. Your account credentials will be the same as your school account. Next, navigate to the Event Calendar page, and choose the event you’d like to sign up for. Lastly, find the “Register” button at the bottom of the page. You will receive an email confirming your registration.


Q: “Do I really need to sign up for activities in advance, can’t I just go to the activity?”

A: Please don’t do that! Each event has a maximum number of volunteers that can sign up. Too many volunteers can cause conflicts with transportation and job assignment. In every case those that have pre-registered for an event will be the ones allowed to participate first.


Q: “Can MMOB hours be transferred between members?”

NO, members are required to do their own volunteer work. Parents cannot contribute to their students’ hours either.

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