About MMOB

Our Mission

Founded eighteen years ago, the Memorial Mustang Outreach Bunch
(commonly referred to as MMOB) is a student volunteer organization at Memorial
High School that continues to benefit its community in as many ways as possible.
We strive to provide quality volunteer work for numerous organizations as well as
for our own planned events. Under the leadership of its parent sponsors as well as
its student Executive Board, MMOB continues to grow not only in membership
size but also in its total volunteer hours. With over 850 students in membership,
MMOB is currently one of the largest student organizations at Memorial. Although
Spring Branch ISD does not have a community service requirement for
graduation (like many public and private schools in Texas), MMOB members
choose to do volunteer work in a variety of areas that give back to their

Presidential Service Award with MMOB

You must be a registered MMOB member and have paid dues in order to apply through MMOB.  When you are ready to apply, you will email me the following information:  Your name as you want it on the certificate, your age for most of the year you volunteered, the award you are applying for (gold, silver, bronze), number of MMOB hours, and proof of any hours outside of MMOB (such as a letter from the organization).

Our Team

MMOB’s leadership team comprises a variety of students from different grades and backgrounds that work together to keep MMOB running. We also receive great support from our parent sponsors, without whom MMOB could not be a possibility.

Parent Sponsors:

Amy Long – thelongs34@gmail.com

Patricia Winburne (PVSA only) – winburne@sbcglobal.net

MMOB President: Adriana Kelly – adrianammob@gmail.com

MMOB Vice President of Website: Lara Prakash – laraep00@gmail.com

MMOB Vice President of Membership: Kelley Parsons – kelleyeliseparsons@gmail.com